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Meet Randy, owner and primary technician at Aim High Detailing

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At Aim High Detailing, we understand that your vehicle was probably one of your 2nd or 3rd most expensive purchases.  And like a majority of Atlantans, you spend a considerable number of hours in your vehicle each week.  We understand that you want to keep your vehicle in a client ready condition, clean and safe for your family, and one that reminds you of when you just drove it off the dealer's lot.  Who doesn't want that.  But often, our family time, career deadlines, and soccer and ballet practice make it difficult to find the time to 'detail' our vehicles properly.  Cleaning and protection gets pushed to the side so we can keep up with life and basic maintenance. That's where Aim High Detailing comes in.  Our passion is safely and professionally returning your vehicle's interior and exterior to GREAT condition. This is why we prefer to offer "reconditioning" service vs. the "detailing" you may have purchased in the past! Exceeding your expectations is our #1 priority!  We offer a pickup and drop off service or we'll come to your location to better serve you.  Give us a call today and let us know how we can make your life easier and get you back into your dream ride TODAY.