I'm Randy Thompson, and I am the owner and primary technician at Aim High Detailing.  I began detailing at an early age and learned  "attention to detail" from my father while maintaining the family fleet.  I then completed a 28 year career as an Air Force aviator where the minute details could make or break our missions.  A year prior to retiring from the service, I purchased a previously owned vehicle from a luxury dealer. The car looked fantastic at the showroom, but this changed when I got the car home and out into the light of day.  I began researching methods to correct the flaws inflicted by the dealer. After researching products and developing my techniques during our first year, I chose to attend professional training and the rest is history.  The passion I have for maintaining my vehicles goes into every client vehicle I service.  The proper combination of tools, techniques, and detailing products are carefully evaluated for each vehicle and condition to insure that we provide you with the service you deserve.  

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