Gold Package – 

(Requires 24hrs + depending on severity of correction desired)

Cost: Pricing starts at $450. Actual price will be determined upon visual inspection with customer

Includes All Silver Package service +


All surface tar, sap, bug, road paint removed

All vinyl/rubber/plastic trim and bumpers cleaned and conditioned

Paint correction to include 2 to 3 step machine compound/polish. The goal is to remove 85% of scratches and swirls. Door frames are also polished.

Vehicle is hand washed again to remove remnants of compound process

*Optional - Paint chips and deep scratches are touched up with exact match factory paint to enhance visual effects of detail and provide added protection

Quality paint Sealant applied. Optional – Quality hand wax applied to enhance optical quality of polish process.

Optional - Nano Silica Coating available for extended durability and protection


Mazda New Car Prep -Interior - Ceramic
G37 Silver Detail Package
FJ Interior
2015 Corvette Exhausts

Optional Services – All listed prices are estimates. Actual pricing will be determined after a visual inspection of your vehicle.

Platinum Interior Detail - Starting at $125

You spend 100% of your travel time INSIDE your vehicle. Spills happen, you track in pet hair and debris. Let us freshen up your mobile office and rid your interior of these contaminants, providing a healthy environment for you and your family.

-All crevices are air blown to loosen debris                                  - FULL vehicle vacuum to include trunk

-Shampoo or Steam Deep Clean Carpets and Floor Mats

- Soft Touch Deep Clean and Condition Leather

- Headliner Spot Cleaned                                                                           - Door Jams Degreased, Cleaned and Waxed

- Dash, Console, Instrument Panel, Door Panels, Vents – All Surfaces – Cleaned and SPF Conditioned

- Crystal Clear Windows Inside and Out                                     - Optional Carpet, Fabric, Leather Protection


Paint Touch Up - Starting at $35

Road rash, rock chips, scuffs and deep scratches reduce eye appeal and can lead to paint degradation if left uncorrected. Avoid that expensive body shop and skip the risky insurance claims. We match your factory color and can fill and often correct those eyesores without the normal paint stick blobs.

Headlights – Starting at $60

-Hazy, Crazed headlights are not only a cosmetic nuisance; they also significantly reduce visibility during night and inclement conditions. We polish headlights to factory new condition and then coat with Optimum Opti-Lens which protects against UV-induced yellowing and fading. Lifetime Warranty!

Leather/Carpet/Fabric Protection – Starting at $35

-Fabric guard shield repels both oil and water based stains, works as an odor shield, and protects against harmful UV rays that lead to fabric fading and deterioration. Makes future clean up easier and prolongs that new car look. OPTIONAL Premium coating available which creates hydrophobic surface, protecting your seats from liquids, dirt, body oils and water, extending the life of the material


Leather Cleaning
Wheel Protection
GMC Sierra Ceramic Coating
'16 Mazda 6 Ceramic coating


All surfaces are cleaned and protected:

Gentle, Deep clean and condition of all Leather and Vinyl

Steam clean carpets/upholstery/headliner

Clean and condition interior paneling, Dash and Console, instrument cluster

Clean all interior/exterior windows and mirrors

All cracks and crevices are cleaned with Air and surface appropriate detailing brushes (Q-tip service)

Floor mats cleaned/degreased/spot removal


Silver Package – Requires 8-12 hours

Cost: Pricing starts at $225. Actual price will be determined upon visual inspection with customer

PreWash Foam bath. This loosens and suspends surface contaminants, which are then rinsed and removed from surface

Hand wash using 2 bucket method to include all painted surfaces. Unlike other services, we clean door and trunk jams with every wash. Tires, wheels and wheel wells are washed.

All surfaces are forced air dried and any remaining water is removed with a quality micro fiber drying towel. This insures no additional marring or swirls are introduced.

Clay all painted surfaces to remove bonded contaminants. NOTE! If your service doesn’t use clay or you’ve never hear of using clay to prep your vehicle for polishing, try this. Take a plastic baggie and gently wipe across you freshly washed painted surface. If the surface doesn’t feel like glass, you have dirt/pollen/industrial fallout embedded in your paint. This WILL detract from a nicely polished finish.

One step machine polish to revive gloss and remove minor paint defects

All trim and tires treated with water based dressing

Basic hand wax or sealant is applied for added protection

Chrome cleaned and polished

Vacuum Interior and trunk

Wipe all interior surfaces


Wrangler Interior
2015 Vette Interior
Wheel Repair
Headlight Restoration


Fallout/Transfer/Overspray Removal – Starting at $35

-Life happens. You drive through a construction zone, neighbor paints the house on a breezy day, misjudge the garage backing out. We have finish-safe methods of removing all of these.

Leather Conditioning/Restoration - Starting at $40

- Soft Touch Deep Clean and Condition Leather. Protects leather from UV damage, drying and aging. Optional premium Leather Coating available. Coating creates hydrophobic surface, protecting your seats from liquids, dirt, body oils and water, extending the life of the material. Dye transfer removal is accomplished if necessary prior to coating application.

Wheel Polishing and Protection – Starting at $65

Wheels are removed and cleaned and polished, both the face and the barrels. Sealant or quality coating applied for optical enhancement and year round protection from brake dust and environmental contaminants. Torqued to factory specification.

Exterior Trim Restoration/Conditioning– By Estimate Only

Any exterior plastic or vinyl trim will begin to fade due to UV and environmental abuse. Protectants purchased at your local retail outlet will NOT provide year round protection. We use a professional grade product that completely restores, conditions and protects in a way no silicone-based product can.

Engine Detail – Starting at $45

-Enhance cooler engine operation and visual appearance. Vital components are covered, followed by degreaser and steam cleaned. Appropriate dressings applied to maintain hose and plastic life.

Window Tinting – By Estimate Only

-Protect your vehicle’s interior from harsh UV rays which dry, age, and fade your interior. Enhance cooling, reduce glare, and provide increased safety in the event of an impact.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) – By Estimate Only

-Save on the cost of traditional body shop repair and repaint. Maintain the integrity of your original factory finish.